South Africa
beauty, you'll never forget

1. Ixopo

Few villages in Africa have a lovelier rural setting than eXobho (Ixopo).Founded in 1878 as an agricultural and timber-producing centre, the village takes it's name from a marsh called by the Zulus 'eXobho'; the sound made by a person squelching through the mud.The narrow gauge railway which serves the district passes through beautiful hill scenery on it's route from Umzinto on the south coast.The department of Arts and Culture published a correction of spelling of Ixopo to eXobho in their government notice No. 832 of Gazette No. 34651 on the 7th of October 2011.

2. Pennington

A lovely day at Pennington Beach

Pennington lies along the South Coast, alongside other seaside towns of Bazely, Sezela and Kelso. It is easily accessed via the N2 from Durban, less than an hour away. Pennington is one of those coastal villages that is quiet and peaceful out of season but when the holidays come around, it comes alive with holiday makers seeking sun and surf. This beautiful area offers pristine beaches and safe tidal pools which creates an ideal destination for families. A bit of exploration will reveal numerous attractions which include kilometres of attractive beaches with excellent fishing spots and popular surfing sites, to nature reserves, hiking and horse riding. Close to the town are some excellent…

3. Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve

The Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve is a convenient 2 200 ha respite back to nature for those holidaying or visiting the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal and lies a pleasant half hour drive from Umzinto. The reserve is a combination of open grassland and coastal forest and home to the blue wildebeest, bushbuck and eland amongst others. There are two dams that attract more than 300 bird species and in spring the wild flowers are a feast for the eyes.